Peacock's Run
 ("Beach Run Gold" that is)

First Gold  My first Beach Gold
"First Gold"

     "There's gold, and it's haunting and haunting;
        It's luring me on as of old;
       Yet it isn't the gold that I'm wanting
So much as just finding the gold. ..."
 The Spell Of The Yukon
           by Robert Service

Violet's Driftwood
    I was born on 19, April, 1948; in New Haven, New Haven
(County), CT., USA. But before long my family moved to
Oregon; I took my first steps in Oregon. Many of those
steps during the years I lived in Oregon and in Alaska, were
on 'gold laden' beaches.  Even in resent years, when I know
that there was said to be gold on the beaches of the west
coast including Oregon; I did not know where it was or how
to find it.

   With the help of several people who know that I wanted to
know how to find the gold of the coast, I was finally
pointed in the right direction by a friend of ours named
Rita, in the Southerland/Okaland, area of OR..  She E-mailed me a page off the
Treasure Net's Prospecting Forum page; about "Beach Mining"
from the summer of 1997. To find out all the postings they
have on "Beach Mining" do a search on the "Forum" page
"http: //". Treasure Net is one of the
best Medal Detector and Prospecting sites on the web.
   I November of 1997 I got in contact with Robert Muffet
of the North Bend Coss Bay area of the Oregon coast.  In
December of '97 he took us to the "Whiskey Run" where (I am
told) gold was first found is Oregon. That day was when I
found "First Gold" the gold shown at the top of this page.
I'm still only learning, but I'll be happy to share what
information I 'can', 'Hay, every good prospector has to KEEP
a secrets or two', and some places are 'special places' for
other people. -- Who is going to trust you with their best
places if you tell everyone else. But there are a lot of
places I can tell about.

Have fun, and may ever the bottom of your pan be full and

Violet Driftwood

Beachcomber in all it's glory


This is "Beachcomber".  It is 2 of my 4 "Beach Boxes" linked in tandem.
One box is enough to find some gold, but 'hay, go for the gusto'.
Actually there is a reason for extra boxes.  The longer the box, the
less gold will be lost. Most people make their boxes Between 20" and
36" wide, and between 4 ft. and 6 ft. long.  Both the width and the
length add to the capability of the beach box.  A good "Concentrating
Table" is 24" x 24', and 36" x 24' to 32' and costs lots of $$$; so 4 boxes to get a
24" x 12' table, is not extreme at all.  But it is unreasonable to carry all that
equipment to the beaches.  When you need to drive as far as I do to
get to good beaches, then even two boxes is pushing it. If you want to
know more about "Beach Boxes" and "Beach Mining", or if you want to
order one made to 'fit' you, contact me at

Violet's Beach Pebbles

These are a few pictures from a 'run' to the beach back in January of 1998

Violet  Beachcomber

1)  Violet (my wife) in front of "Beachcomber" on the South Oregon coast;

   2)  Me (Peacock) prospecting the streaks of gold baring, 'Black Sands'.  You can see the streaks of black sands in the creek and on the beach, those sands contain the gold and heavy minerals.  It is much harder to keep the gold in the black sands that are in the creek because as you try to shovel in the creek the gold keeps sinking deeper, that is why shoveling any deposit in water is called "Chasing the gold", (as in 'you'll never catch it').  These good streaks in the creeks can best be dredged with a 1" or 1.5" dredge.  The pump for such a dredge is ideal to get water to a beach      box like "Beachcomber".

Peacock  Beachcomber

3)  Me (Peacock) with  "Beachcomber" on the same beach.

Beachcomber on the beach
4)  "Beachcomber" in all its glory, amid the beauty of God's creation, on the southern Oregon coast.

Historys Of Oregon Beeach Mining.

Whiskey Run 

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Violet's Beach Pebbles
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